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Humans & The Environment: Theories of Human Adaptation

Humans and the Environment: Theories of Human Adaptation

Can Humans Adapt? Moran, E. Human Adaptability: An Introduction to Ecological  Anthropology Theories of human adaptation has been a popular subject for several hundred years. This chapter offers a glimpse into the theories of human-habitat interaction up to the 1950’s. It introduces the concept of environmental determinism which began from Greco-Roman times highlighting the theory […]

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Let the Rivers Flow !!

Let the Rivers Flow Rivers are meant to carry water and maintain a continuous flow throughout the year to sustain the riparian systems. For decades, state governments in India have fought for equal or enough share of river water and the ministry of water resources have toiled really hard to allocate appropriate share of river […]

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Payment for Ecosystem Services – Principles for the Road Ahead

The environmental crisis faced by every country around the world has brought the focus back on designing an economy with business creativity and solutions that protects the natural environment. This is extremely important towards the development of economy and the society. Leaders in the field of development, conservation, business and government are of the opinion […]

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Whatever You Do Wont Be Enough To Stop Climate Change!

Whatever You Do Wont Be Enough To Stop Climate Change! Nature has been mankind’s best friend and a bitter enemy if you choose to play with it. We humans chose to do the later and because of that we are in the middle of one of the most pressing and vital global problems, Climate Change. […]

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5 June is selected as The World setting Day by the United Nations General Assembly to deepen public awareness of the necessity to preserve and enhance the environment. World Environment Day is maybe the foremost celebrated of all the environmental awareness days, and it’s each day to acknowledge the achievements created to shield the environment. […]

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Green Cities: A challenge around the world and in India

Green Cities - A challenge across the World and in India

Did you know that about half of the humanity (3.5 billion people) lives in cities today? And by 2030, it will reach 66% of the world’s population. What will this near future hold for us? We know that cities are hubs of innovation, commerce, culture and much more, and have always enabled people to advance […]

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