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Edible Cutlery: Have Your Spoon and Eat It Too!

Eat Your Spoon Have you ever wondered about the negative impact of the plastic waste that that has been generated and has to be dumped after you attend a party where the food is excellent but is served using plastic? It might just make you a tad bit upset after the excellent time you had […]

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A Closer Look at Our Ecological Footprint

A Closer Look At Our Ecological Footprint

The Ecological Footprint The ecological footprint is a good place to start in order to know the amount of resources available on earth to sustain an individual’s lifestyle and consumption patterns. This may vary with which part of the world the individual lives in. It takes into account various factors and can be very complex, […]

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CAN INDIANS CYCLE ?!? Make It Happen !!

  Indian roads once filled with the sound of bicycle bells is now a fading memory. Cyclists are a rare sight.Ever since automobiles filled its space adding to the notoriously difficult Indian roads and traffic menace, It has just become kids playtime activity. The benefits of cycling is infinite. It ensures health and Fitness, saves […]

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Permaculture – Sustainable, eco-friendly form of agriculture


By Anchal Bhatia The term permaculture is a combination of the two words – permanent and agriculture. The philosophy behind permaculture was developed in the 1970s by an Australian ecologist, Bill Mollison. By closely observing nature, he concluded that natural systems such as wetlands and forests are sustainable. They can recycle their own wastes which […]

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Sustainability and responsibility

Coming up with a definition for the environment is more complex than one can imagine, because the environment encapsulates all that lies between particles existing at sub atomic levels to cosmic objects of unimaginable size that orbit space. Such is the vastness and complexity of the environment that we live in. It seems audacious to […]

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