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Humans & The Environment: Theories of Human Adaptation

Humans and the Environment: Theories of Human Adaptation

Can Humans Adapt? Moran, E. Human Adaptability: An Introduction to Ecological  Anthropology Theories of human adaptation has been a popular subject for several hundred years. This chapter offers a glimpse into the theories of human-habitat interaction up to the 1950’s. It introduces the concept of environmental determinism which began from Greco-Roman times highlighting the theory […]

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‘Green Marketing’: The Big Picture !

You hear the word bandied about in boardrooms…’sustainability’… and are left wondering what this actually means to advertisers who have a brief to follow and strategists who have communications plans to develop.  When trying to define something, it is often useful to describe what it is not and in this regard I’d like to demystify […]

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CAN INDIANS CYCLE ?!? Make It Happen !!

  Indian roads once filled with the sound of bicycle bells is now a fading memory. Cyclists are a rare sight.Ever since automobiles filled its space adding to the notoriously difficult Indian roads and traffic menace, It has just become kids playtime activity. The benefits of cycling is infinite. It ensures health and Fitness, saves […]

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Waste Paper + Cardboard = Furniture… Wood. Re-imagined.

By Chandrika R Can you imagine furniture made from just paper and cardboards? Difficult to imagine, right? Yet, there are some differently abled youth, who make use of a different procedure to convert waste paper and cardboard into furniture. This happens through a rehabilitation programme in Chennai called Sahayatha, that encourages differently abled youth to pursue […]

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Changing society’s attitude towards environment by changing society’s culture

Man has been seen to have an inherent nature to segregate within the species according to an individual’s colour, ethnic group, language, profession, high income groups, low income groups etc and the list goes on to infinitesimally smaller and smaller groupings within each group. It can also be observed that each of these groups form […]

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