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Edible Cutlery: Have Your Spoon and Eat It Too!

Eat Your Spoon Have you ever wondered about the negative impact of the plastic waste that that has been generated and has to be dumped after you attend a party where the food is excellent but is served using plastic? It might just make you a tad bit upset after the excellent time you had […]

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There are many Technologies that have been changing our market but here are few in todays article  that I find that have entered the peak of innovative products : A Light Bulb which is also a Bluetooth Speaker : Have you ever imagined that this could ever be possible? I never did. But it’s reality now. […]

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Pulpop MP3 Speaker !

Pulpop Speakers

Awareness about eco-friendly products is very important if we intend to see a positive change in the environment. These products takes care of our modern day needs yet keep us attached to the core of nature. One such modern eco-friendly item is Pulpop MP3 Speaker that is made up of Paper pulp and functions like […]

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Gandhian living promotes eco-friendliness

Climate change, a topic that has hogged the limelight in the past and spurred environmental consciousness and action among governments and people alike. These days it is the Euro crisis that has taken centre stage, and climate change is no more a big deal. And so eco- friendliness or green consumption may not be much […]

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