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Edible Cutlery: Have Your Spoon and Eat It Too!

Eat Your Spoon Have you ever wondered about the negative impact of the plastic waste that that has been generated and has to be dumped after you attend a party where the food is excellent but is served using plastic? It might just make you a tad bit upset after the excellent time you had […]

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Humans & The Environment: Theories of Human Adaptation

Humans and the Environment: Theories of Human Adaptation

Can Humans Adapt? Moran, E. Human Adaptability: An Introduction to Ecological  Anthropology Theories of human adaptation has been a popular subject for several hundred years. This chapter offers a glimpse into the theories of human-habitat interaction up to the 1950’s. It introduces the concept of environmental determinism which began from Greco-Roman times highlighting the theory […]

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Tesla Powerwall – India’s Saviour ?

In recent years, the fast-growing popularity of solar panels has intensified a central challenge: how to use the sun’s energy when it isn’t shining. Now, Tesla Motors, the maker of luxury electric sedans is taking a big step toward meeting that challenge with a fleet of battery systems aimed at homeowners, businesses and utilities. Home […]

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Green Technologies That Could Changing Our Planet

There are many Green Technologies but these are the one that could help us Revolutionize Our Changing Planet. The following assures us with solutions for the critical problems faced by the world : 1.Vertical farming: Also known as the future of modern agriculture, as the rising population will acquire lands by this technology crops will […]

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Gradual shift of consumer’s attitudes towards eco-friendly green packaged products is the latest trend in market. A green packaging methodology is said to be sustainable when it incorporates increased use of recycled content, waste recovery, appealing to consumers, increased packaging and logistical efficiency. Along with product marketing, brands are now giving due importance to ecological […]

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Pulpop MP3 Speaker !

Pulpop Speakers

Awareness about eco-friendly products is very important if we intend to see a positive change in the environment. These products takes care of our modern day needs yet keep us attached to the core of nature. One such modern eco-friendly item is Pulpop MP3 Speaker that is made up of Paper pulp and functions like […]

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Eliodomestico – Solar Powered Water Filter

 We all know that potable or drinking water is increasingly hard to come by these days. In Indian cities most households pay for water cans that are delivered to the house or office on payment. But what about in rural and coastal parts of the country where such services are not available and the poor […]

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