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Smart City Project in India !

For a development we need a framework where we can align our developmental lines and to make it happen India has come up with a new project “Smart Cities”. Smart City Project is a new theme song for the chorus of developmental melody of India’s economical independency and growth. When we talk about growth and […]

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Eliodomestico – Solar Powered Water Filter

 We all know that potable or drinking water is increasingly hard to come by these days. In Indian cities most households pay for water cans that are delivered to the house or office on payment. But what about in rural and coastal parts of the country where such services are not available and the poor […]

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Can India Leapfrog Past China in “Manufacturing” with 3D Printing

Can India Leapfrog Past China in "Manufacturing" with 3D Printing

Isn’t 3D printing the next innovation in the evolution of the industrial revolution? While steady improvements have always been taking place in the ways that we manufacture, process and use the objects of everyday use, 3D printing has the power to reduce a lot of activities to more sustainable levels.3D printing improves the efficiency of […]

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Biomimicry – Mimicking Nature to Innovate

Biomimicry – Mimicking Nature to Innovate

What has the fins of a whale, the skin of a lizard and the eyes of a moth? The future of engineering… Tasked with designing products and cities that are able to adapt to the challenges of resource depletion and energy constraints engineers, architects, scientists, urban planners and inventors are being inspired by nature for […]

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The Electric Vehicle : Are We There Yet?

The TESLA - EV : Are We There Yet?

With the rising costs of crude oil-based fuels, and the depletion of the minimal resources, the industry on the whole has been searching for viable alternatives for decades. While it is difficult to say for sure if the time of the all-electric vehicle is upon us, the automotive industry appears to be lining up their prospects for the […]

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Is Organic Farming the Future of Food In India?

Organic Farming be the Future of Food In India

At this moment, maybe not. But since more and more people are becoming enamoured by the ‘Going Green’ trend and politicos are using global warming as their trump card to winning more votes, organic farming is most definitely here to stay. But what is organic farming? Even the posh Greenpeace-loving folks whose fridges are stocked […]

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