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Edible Cutlery: Have Your Spoon and Eat It Too!

Eat Your Spoon Have you ever wondered about the negative impact of the plastic waste that that has been generated and has to be dumped after you attend a party where the food is excellent but is served using plastic? It might just make you a tad bit upset after the excellent time you had […]

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Humans & The Environment: Theories of Human Adaptation

Humans and the Environment: Theories of Human Adaptation

Can Humans Adapt? Moran, E. Human Adaptability: An Introduction to Ecological  Anthropology Theories of human adaptation has been a popular subject for several hundred years. This chapter offers a glimpse into the theories of human-habitat interaction up to the 1950’s. It introduces the concept of environmental determinism which began from Greco-Roman times highlighting the theory […]

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The Outcry for Shifting Indra Gandhi Zoological Park

“Please spare our Zoo, don’t shift it make it more natural” protests are poured-out on roads by NGO’s and green rights activist against the shifting of Indra Gandhi Zoological Park in Vishakhapatnam. Last week HRD Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao announced to shift the Indra Gandhi Zoological Park to build Botanical Park. This Idea of shifting […]

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Save the Environment !

Go Green, Save Environment words may be you listen frequently. But are you one of them who really care the Mother Nature?  You know with small changes in your home and lifestyle you can stop wastage of natural resources and lower greenhouse gases emission. Environment protection means saving our natural environment on individual, organizational and […]

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Climate Change & its Implications on India !

The climate around us has changed. There is no denying of this fact. Various factors are responsible for this change and we – humans are significantly contributing to that change directly as well as indirectly. The way we live, think and lead our daily lives is having an impact on the climate, changing it forever. […]

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5 June is selected as The World setting Day by the United Nations General Assembly to deepen public awareness of the necessity to preserve and enhance the environment. World Environment Day is maybe the foremost celebrated of all the environmental awareness days, and it’s each day to acknowledge the achievements created to shield the environment. […]

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Sustainable Communities – Reality ?

Most people find the word “sustainability” and the fact of trying to live in a sustainable way or community appealing. They believe it is only about recycling or green washing, and not a deep concern for our planet or our ability to reach our life’s goals and live happily. Well, let’s try to understand it. […]

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