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Paris Climate Summit, Will It Bring Any Change?

Preparatory Talks Before Paris Climate Summit, 2015: Will It Bring Any Change? While the world is developing at a rate that has brought about a lot of changes, the one stark reality of the present scenario remains the same. What about the rate at which climate changes are taking place which are also being considered […]

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Whatever You Do Wont Be Enough To Stop Climate Change!

Whatever You Do Wont Be Enough To Stop Climate Change! Nature has been mankind’s best friend and a bitter enemy if you choose to play with it. We humans chose to do the later and because of that we are in the middle of one of the most pressing and vital global problems, Climate Change. […]

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Climate Change & its Implications on India !

The climate around us has changed. There is no denying of this fact. Various factors are responsible for this change and we – humans are significantly contributing to that change directly as well as indirectly. The way we live, think and lead our daily lives is having an impact on the climate, changing it forever. […]

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Sustainability and responsibility

Coming up with a definition for the environment is more complex than one can imagine, because the environment encapsulates all that lies between particles existing at sub atomic levels to cosmic objects of unimaginable size that orbit space. Such is the vastness and complexity of the environment that we live in. It seems audacious to […]

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