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Sleeping Posture Effects Your Brain !

The recent study published in the journal of neuroscience discloses that side sleeping posture as comparison to back or stomach posture may help to dispose off the waste of brain which aid to avoid the neurological brain diseases. The adequate sleeping is always recommended for good health and brain. But now the recent research proves […]

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Now Mirror will Tell about Your Health !

Technology World! Always surprise us with their exceptional discoveries now also going to invent an outstanding health monitoring gadget. A Magical Mirror, which not only blow your reflection but also scan your face to predict the risk of health problems.   The “Wize Mirror” will be the world’s first mirror which will scan the facial […]

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Paris Climate Summit, Will It Bring Any Change?

Preparatory Talks Before Paris Climate Summit, 2015: Will It Bring Any Change? While the world is developing at a rate that has brought about a lot of changes, the one stark reality of the present scenario remains the same. What about the rate at which climate changes are taking place which are also being considered […]

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Plastic – Not Everyone is on the Same Page

It is impossible to avoid any debate that involves plastic and plastic waste management. In a recent petition filed with the National Green Tribunal (NGT) an NGO wants that the use of plastic bottles as well as multi-layered plastic packaging should be phased out. Restriction in the use of plastic has been a raging debate […]

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Deforestation Threatening Bat Population In India

Bats, mammals that are actually capable of true flight, make up a quarter of all mammal species on earth with thousands of them residing in India. Population of many mammals, including the bats, in India has turned endangered because of the ever increasing population of the country which currently stands at around 1.23bn and ignorance […]

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Let the Rivers Flow !!

Let the Rivers Flow Rivers are meant to carry water and maintain a continuous flow throughout the year to sustain the riparian systems. For decades, state governments in India have fought for equal or enough share of river water and the ministry of water resources have toiled really hard to allocate appropriate share of river […]

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Schools against substance abuse

Bobby Chakraborty, a middle-aged good-looking man from Kolkata, follows his heart’s desire to bring a change in the social well-being of others. He is engaged in working among school children, by educating them on the harmful effects of substance abuse and helping them in getting rid of ill-habits of smoking and alcohol. He single-handedly continues […]

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