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Waste Management in Bangalore – A sad state of affairs

By Sharika Nair What is Bangalore’s biggest nightmare? Those in mansions and bungalows can escape it once they are inside their homes. The roadsides, slums and villages are filled with it – the  city’s most dreaded enemy – its garbage! Bangalore generates about 3000-4000 tonnes per district of which about 72% is organic waste. With rising […]

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The Elixir of Life: Its shortage and machines to conserve it

By Merlyn George There is a saying: “Water is the one substance from which the earth conceals nothing; it sucks out its innermost secrets and brings them to our very lips.” It has been estimated that around 100 countries will face water shortages in the next five years due to drought, rising temperatures, population and […]

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Eco-friendly skin care products

By Anchal Bhatia Sure, you switch off lights and fans when not in use and you often opt for recycled products, but you can go a step ahead in favour of the environment by using eco-friendly skin care products. This will not help you to beautify your skin naturally but will also be beneficial to […]

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Green Rickshaws – A new beginning for Indian cities

By Anchal Bhatia Due to the pace at which the vehicles are increasing, resulting in polluted environment, BYPL and HBL Power System Ltd have joined hands together to promote eco-friendly rickshaws in Delhi. Known as ‘HBL Soleckshaw Pedi cabs’, these e-rickshaws are meant for local transport and will soon be spotted on central and east […]

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Sustainability and responsibility

Coming up with a definition for the environment is more complex than one can imagine, because the environment encapsulates all that lies between particles existing at sub atomic levels to cosmic objects of unimaginable size that orbit space. Such is the vastness and complexity of the environment that we live in. It seems audacious to […]

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Environmental Justice – What is it, and are we aware of it?

Most of us may not have heard of the term environmental injustice before, but it is just a new word for an old problem. Environmental justice is based on the principle that all people have a right to be protected from environmental pollution and to live in and enjoy a clean and healthful environment. Environmental […]

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Gandhian living promotes eco-friendliness

Climate change, a topic that has hogged the limelight in the past and spurred environmental consciousness and action among governments and people alike. These days it is the Euro crisis that has taken centre stage, and climate change is no more a big deal. And so eco- friendliness or green consumption may not be much […]

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