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ECONOMICS – Can Britain take a lesson from India or a poker game?

By Joseph Turner I used to watch a lot of poker when I was younger, I especially liked the tournaments. The great thing about a poker tournament is that every person except one is going to drop out of the game, there can only be one winner. This leads to some outrageous plays, bluffs, intuition […]

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Eco-homes arching their way forward!

By Apurva Bose Dutta  While nature is gradually becoming a meaningless object of consumption, thank God for architects in India who have led the way for eco-friendly architecture. The style of architecture reflects an attitude towards life, and it commands a certain authority in creating the face of a city; hence, responsible architecture replacing expensive […]

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FDCM launches eco-tourism plans for Maharashtra in Wardha and Bhandara districts

By Sharukh E. Bamboat The Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra (FDCM) made an announcement recently that the Tadoba Andhari and Pench tiger reserves of the Bor wildlife sanctuary in Wardha district and the Nagzira wildlife sanctuary in Bhandara district will soon be taken over by the FDCM to be able to provide eco-tourism and better […]

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Mumbai Monsoon – Chemical-free special edition Coffee, from the Araku valley in Andhra Pradesh

By Sharukh E. Bamboat Ahhh… The aroma of freshly ground coffee is evocative and romantic these days. Especially during the time when the monsoons seem to be infusing a new flavour of change to our Indian subcontinent in every way. An excellent time to launch an organic limited edition coffee, aptly named Mumbai Monsoon. This […]

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Waste Paper + Cardboard = Furniture… Wood. Re-imagined.

By Chandrika R Can you imagine furniture made from just paper and cardboards? Difficult to imagine, right? Yet, there are some differently abled youth, who make use of a different procedure to convert waste paper and cardboard into furniture. This happens through a rehabilitation programme in Chennai called Sahayatha, that encourages differently abled youth to pursue […]

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Organic Fertiliser – Balakrishnan, of Enrich Earth, shows us how to produce it in the backyard

By Chandrika R Global environmental issues can be tackled effectively at the grass root level with just a little bit of effort by people at our own homes and in our neighbourhoods. Let’s look at how V. Balakrishnan, founder of Enrich Earth, adheres to this philosophy by being an example of it. Enrich Earth is a non-profit […]

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Changing society’s attitude towards environment by changing society’s culture

Man has been seen to have an inherent nature to segregate within the species according to an individual’s colour, ethnic group, language, profession, high income groups, low income groups etc and the list goes on to infinitesimally smaller and smaller groupings within each group. It can also be observed that each of these groups form […]

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