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Environment Maintenance in the UK

Britian (UK) is one of the best in maintaining its environment among others countries around the world. The British government has a special department termed as “Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs “ which works with the local municipalities, nationally and internationally to improve the overall environment of the U.K. According to U.K government […]

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Bamboo Bicycles >>> Riding Towards Sustainability

Months ago I came across a wonderful website called Barcelona Creativa (http://creativa.barcelona.cat/en/). It exposes innovative ideas that are being implemented by entrepreneurs in Barcelona city, Spain. One of the projects that caught my attention was the one created by two Catalan students. The initiative introduced a new concept of an urban bicycle made with sustainable […]

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WMC – Who makes carpets from waste?

By Anchal Bhatia Normally, when pasta, plastic forks, paving tiles, cotton balls, and more is spreading across the floor, it’s time to call the domestic help. But, the trio of Dutch artists – Marcia Nolte, Bob Waardenburg, and Stijin van der Vleuten at WE MAKE CARPETS think differently. Instead of calling it a waste, they […]

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Green Cars – A step towards sustainability in India

By Joseph Turner   At the heart of sustainability is meeting the needs of today without destroying your children’s ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. Society as a whole is changing rapidly, partly due to oil, the black stuff that is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Therefore let us explore the idea of green or eco-friendly cars. […]

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