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Capitalism in the Eyes of Eric Wolf

An overview of "Europe and the People Without History" by Eric Wolf

In his book “Europe and the People Without History”, Eric Wolf portrays a highly interconnected world that was an outcome of the European expansion that took place post the 1400’s. He describes this process in great detail by zooming in on the background and setting of the various regions of the world accessed and colonized […]

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Sleeping Posture Effects Your Brain !

The recent study published in the journal of neuroscience discloses that side sleeping posture as comparison to back or stomach posture may help to dispose off the waste of brain which aid to avoid the neurological brain diseases. The adequate sleeping is always recommended for good health and brain. But now the recent research proves […]

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India tops World’s Hunger List !

“India has created great strides in reducing the proportion of food insecure persons within the overall population, however consistent with FAO; it still has over 194 million hungry persons. India’s various social programs area unit expected to still fight hunger and financial condition,” However, China stood out because the reduction within the range of hungry […]

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5 June is selected as The World setting Day by the United Nations General Assembly to deepen public awareness of the necessity to preserve and enhance the environment. World Environment Day is maybe the foremost celebrated of all the environmental awareness days, and it’s each day to acknowledge the achievements created to shield the environment. […]

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Sustainable Communities – Reality ?

Most people find the word “sustainability” and the fact of trying to live in a sustainable way or community appealing. They believe it is only about recycling or green washing, and not a deep concern for our planet or our ability to reach our life’s goals and live happily. Well, let’s try to understand it. […]

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Traditional farming methods practise local knowledge system developed over generations without any external inputs. The ability of humans to adjust and adapt in order to combat hunger and malnutrition led to remarkable changes in modern farming practises which welcomed High Yielding Genetically Modified crop varieties and chemical fertilizers, overexploiting agricultural land resulting in environmental degradation […]

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Rural Healthcare in India !

According to World Bank, rural population of India comprises of around 68.7% of the total population in 2011. This makes sense why healthcare is an important constituent in the constitution and rural health care is accorded a higher priority. For development of rural healthcare and the health system, Government has taken up various policies the […]

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