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India’s Top Sustainability Schools & Courses !

It is impossible for us to ignore the call of Nature and the increasing need for sustainability professionals in India. The west has moved ahead and has embraced the sustainability philosophy as way of moving ahead. There are so many universities in Europe that offer various courses in sustainability and the environment, but in India […]

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Green Crusader of the Garo Hills !

Preservation of biodiversity in the South Garo Hills has become the sole mission of the young and dynamic green brigade lead by Prosper S Marak. Declared as Earth Hero for the year 2009, by Sanctuary Asia and the Royal Bank of Scotland, this young man of only 24 years old stood against the Coal Mafia […]

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Muruganantham – Empowering Rural Women with the Sanitary Pad

Muruganatham - Empowering Rural Women with the Sanitary Pad

As part of an assignment at university, I had to submit a write up on the Business model of an Enterprise. That is when I happened to come across the innovative business model of Jayaashree Industries, a company started by a common man from a small village in Tamil Nadu. As the common saying goes […]

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