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Food Wastage In India Should Stop !

India, the world’s second most populous country, is the biggest food waster, according to the World Economic Forum. The Asian country’s agriculture output in 2013-2014 reached 263mn tonnes, far above the volume that it need to feed its population; however, 17% of Indians are too undernourished to lead a productive life, according to the United […]

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India’s Railway Service Totally Environment Friendly !

A big move towards green India taken by the Indian railways, It has unrolled a non-AC coach of Rewari-Sitapur lit by solar panels Kept on its roof as a part of its attempt to harness the environment friendly supply of energy in an exceedingly huge means. Railways are additionally getting to bring out with a […]

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Monsoons- Fragrance of Positivity

Few droplets of Monsoon can have such medicinal and positive effect on human’s mood it’s a well known truth. Mother Nature has enormous treasure to give to this existing race of humanity as we only can imagine of. Why do we love monsoons? What monsoons hold for us which can act as one of the […]

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Simple and Effective Natural Deodorant !

The hot hot Indian summer results in sweaty sweaty Indians, along with sweaty sweaty clothes and sweaty sweaty shoes. The stench that emanates from our sweat-laden clothes and shoes is quite unbearable. Most of us usually don’t possess the patience to wash our clothes immediately after they get sweaty sweaty, or clean the insides of […]

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Solid Waste Management India !!

Solid waste Management was a serious problem in India – but not anymore! The credit goes to Christian Medical College, CMC, Vellore, who have done a marvelous job in engaging the women of the backward society in collecting the solid wastes, segregating them on the basis of types and engaging the wastes for the production […]

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India tops World’s Hunger List !

“India has created great strides in reducing the proportion of food insecure persons within the overall population, however consistent with FAO; it still has over 194 million hungry persons. India’s various social programs area unit expected to still fight hunger and financial condition,” However, China stood out because the reduction within the range of hungry […]

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No Drinking Groundwater by 2050 in India !

According to knowledge gathered from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite, twenty-one of the world’s thirty seven largest aquifers have gone on the far side their property tipping purpose, which implies that the number of water off from these aquifers over the decade-long study, according The Washington Post. One among the foremost alarming […]

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