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No Drinking Groundwater by 2050 in India !

According to knowledge gathered from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite, twenty-one of the world’s thirty seven largest aquifers have gone on the far side their property tipping purpose, which implies that the number of water off from these aquifers over the decade-long study, according The Washington Post. One among the foremost alarming […]

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Air Pollution: Danger signs for India !

Air pollution from particulate (PM2.5) can be answerable for 10,000 to 30,000 premature deaths in Delhi — up to eighty deaths daily — authors of a global study free on weekday indicated. It’s additionally been found that pollution could harm the brain. Scientists UN agency conducted the study, printed within the bionomics and Technology journal, […]

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Indian Heat Wave – A Disaster !

Summers has knocked the door by end of the March. Generally this guest of our season stays approax June and in some extreme cases their stay gets little extended till July. Summer has its own texture and every season comes with its pro’s and con’s. Since the temperature gets abnormally high in most of the […]

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Are Zero Waste Supermarkets Possible In India?

  Did you know that about 0.1 million tons of municipal solid waste is generated in India each day? That’s a monumental quantity of trash! Where will that trash go? It’s truly terribly unfortunate that this trash is hauled off to dumps and landfills as a result of then it’s out of sight, out of […]

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  “Let things taste the way they are.” – Alice Waters, chef, author, and owner of Chez Panisse. More the nutrient more is the taste of food. Industrial agricultural practices compelled our traditional way of consumption pattern to give way to processed foods in the name of modern life style. Not until recently that our […]

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Air Pollution Index in Indian Cities !

Among the crucial factors that affects your living and breathing, Air Pollution is one of the most prominent one. Western countries have realized the facts earlier and have taken up steps for keeping the index as low as possible. In India, Air Quality Index has been launched recently for measuring the quality of air in […]

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Gradual shift of consumer’s attitudes towards eco-friendly green packaged products is the latest trend in market. A green packaging methodology is said to be sustainable when it incorporates increased use of recycled content, waste recovery, appealing to consumers, increased packaging and logistical efficiency. Along with product marketing, brands are now giving due importance to ecological […]

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