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A New Hope To Vulture Conservation In India

A New Hope To Vulture Conservation In India The population of vultures in the last two decades has declined drastically by almost 99%. Their decline has been quicker than that of any other wild bird, including the dodo. A number of factors have led to the decline in their population including the administration of multi-dose […]

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Sorry State of the Ganges River: A lifeline endangered

Sorry State of the Ganges River: A lifeline endangered One of the most pious rivers that originates from the Goumukh region is the river Ganges. The river is sacred in India not only because of its many connotations but it has myth and beliefs pertaining to gods related to it. But today, this pious river […]

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Incentive By The Government For Cleaner Future

The government of India has taken up a very positive step towards a cleaner future by developing a new program whereby owners surrendering their old vehicles will be provided with incentives. As we all are aware that the National Green Tribubal has completely banned the plying of diesel vehicles older than 10 years. Vehicle owners […]

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The Outcry for Shifting Indra Gandhi Zoological Park

“Please spare our Zoo, don’t shift it make it more natural” protests are poured-out on roads by NGO’s and green rights activist against the shifting of Indra Gandhi Zoological Park in Vishakhapatnam. Last week HRD Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao announced to shift the Indra Gandhi Zoological Park to build Botanical Park. This Idea of shifting […]

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Garbage Recycling: Need of the hour for India

Garbage in any form whether Solid or liquid is a problem for health of the people as well as the environment. India faces a critical situation of collection and disposal of the collected garbage. And there is no stopping to the production of the garbage as the society moves ahead with time and technology   […]

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India’s Railway Service Totally Environment Friendly !

A big move towards green India taken by the Indian railways, It has unrolled a non-AC coach of Rewari-Sitapur lit by solar panels Kept on its roof as a part of its attempt to harness the environment friendly supply of energy in an exceedingly huge means. Railways are additionally getting to bring out with a […]

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Monsoons- Fragrance of Positivity

Few droplets of Monsoon can have such medicinal and positive effect on human’s mood it’s a well known truth. Mother Nature has enormous treasure to give to this existing race of humanity as we only can imagine of. Why do we love monsoons? What monsoons hold for us which can act as one of the […]

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