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Permaculture – Sustainable, eco-friendly form of agriculture


By Anchal Bhatia The term permaculture is a combination of the two words – permanent and agriculture. The philosophy behind permaculture was developed in the 1970s by an Australian ecologist, Bill Mollison. By closely observing nature, he concluded that natural systems such as wetlands and forests are sustainable. They can recycle their own wastes which […]

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WEAVING AQUA WASTE – Who ever heard of it?

By Inara Hasanali One state’s waste can be another one’s livelihood has been ably proved Aqua Weaves an enterprise under the guidance of North Eastern Development Finance Corporation (NEDFC). It is indeed heartening to know that water hyacinth long considered an invasive weed has been put into a myriad of uses making elegant products including […]

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By Anchal Bhatia Living an environment friendly life does not require much effort, instead it’s mostly about changing habits, and not about doing away with things you like or desire. From home to food, health to technology there are many ways by which we can make our lives greener. Simple actions can change the world […]

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WMC – Who makes carpets from waste?

By Anchal Bhatia Normally, when pasta, plastic forks, paving tiles, cotton balls, and more is spreading across the floor, it’s time to call the domestic help. But, the trio of Dutch artists – Marcia Nolte, Bob Waardenburg, and Stijin van der Vleuten at WE MAKE CARPETS think differently. Instead of calling it a waste, they […]

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E-WASTE – Growing Problems with the ‘Growing India’

By Inara Hasanali In a country like ours, where waste management is rarely given its due, it is sometimes frightening to think of the huge amounts of e-waste that seems to be generated as technology increases by leaps and bounds. Everyone wants to own or at least show off that they have the latest gadgets; […]

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5 TPD KITCHEN WASTE – What is the best solution to this mountain of a problem?

Question: Alexander Rohan John – Does anyone have any advice on what is the best option for dealing with 5000kgs of kitchen waste everyday. Answers: TJ Hess – There are a great many things you can do with waste and most can be most costly to get started. which ever you choose please research well […]

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PLASTIC ROADS – The way to go – – –

  Our overcrowded cities and their bustling populace are now having to cope with bins which overflow and garbage sites whose numbers are dwindling. At such a time, two brothers Rasool and Ahmed Khan of K K Waste management have proven that discarded plastic can be purposefully used, in their case, to lay roads. For the […]

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