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Payment for Ecosystem Services – Principles for the Road Ahead

The environmental crisis faced by every country around the world has brought the focus back on designing an economy with business creativity and solutions that protects the natural environment. This is extremely important towards the development of economy and the society. Leaders in the field of development, conservation, business and government are of the opinion […]

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Violence Against women-National Threat !!

According to a 2013 world review of obtainable knowledge, thirty five per cent of ladies worldwide have knowledgeable about either physical or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence. However, some national violence studies show that up to seventy per cent of ladies have knowledgeable about physical And or sexual violence in their time […]

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Divorce a Threat to the Society !!

Divorce, an issue that was once a social stigma, has become progressively in style in recent years. It’s seen that married couples have been removed from their marriages for various reasons. Now days divorce and living alone is like a trend and most of the people enjoy doing so. But this affects the social values […]

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Incentive By The Government For Cleaner Future

The government of India has taken up a very positive step towards a cleaner future by developing a new program whereby owners surrendering their old vehicles will be provided with incentives. As we all are aware that the National Green Tribubal has completely banned the plying of diesel vehicles older than 10 years. Vehicle owners […]

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Innovations and the Future of Work !

Innovations and the Future of Work : For every growing organization, innovation is at the top of their priority list; however, it is also their biggest challenge. Majority of the companies handle innovation like a clandestine operation – no one other than the top management has access to it. Now, this type of innovation strategy […]

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Ways to Fight against Mental Fatigue !!

Stress, one word we really counter in our daily lives. From work to home, it’s the one thing which disrupt our mental peace greatly so how we can fight against this hazardous monster. There are lots of hustle bustle in our routine life and sometimes we get bogged down with this tiring clock. Mostly students […]

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The Outcry for Shifting Indra Gandhi Zoological Park

“Please spare our Zoo, don’t shift it make it more natural” protests are poured-out on roads by NGO’s and green rights activist against the shifting of Indra Gandhi Zoological Park in Vishakhapatnam. Last week HRD Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao announced to shift the Indra Gandhi Zoological Park to build Botanical Park. This Idea of shifting […]

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