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When we say that GreenCrumbs is an initiative dedicated to discovering and providing information on sustainable products, methods and services – that encompasses a wide swath of topics. Our focus, for this lofty goal, is to impact communities and peoples across our country, India, by empowering people with knowledge of available sustainable solutions. Normally, a trail of breadcrumbs leads a person to some goal – kidnapped children to be found, a pot of gold or something else that the heart desires to find. We, at GreenCrumbs, hope that the trail of GreenCrumbs we leave you in the spaces of this website would enable you to live as your heart desires – to its fullest extent – while simultaneously having the least impact on the environment.



Editor – Alexander Rohan John

Article authors – Guest authors, as specified in each article

If you’d like to be a guest author or contribute articles or your views, feel free to contact our GreenCrumbs editor. We hope you enjoy GreenCrumbs and its impact reaches our communities and societies, through your actions. Feel free to let us know any thoughts, comments or suggestions you may have. We welcome them. Happy crumb-ing!

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