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It is said that to bring the peace, we need to exercise the peace. He good over evil can be win by practicing it in our lives. Our thoughts are the cells which forms our consciousness. They multiply in accordance of what we feed them. Our goodness works in steady process where we form a personality which constitutes our inner conscious. To practicing it, 452 Jail inmates from Taloja, Aurangabad and Nagpur Jails took Peace Exam on the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Nation on 2nd October 2015. Jail administration took an exemplary initiative to bring the changes in the thought process of jail inmates by initiating regret of their evil deeds and to awaken their soul with the lessons of Ahimsa (Non-Violence) and Satya (Truth).

Mahatma Gandhi was known for his timeless teachings of Satya and Ahimsa. Gandhi was an example to the world as by awaking our souls we can fight against any suppressing powers. He activated a revolution by bringing people together to work for one cause without deceasing by external powers.

Keeping it in mind Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal is organizing this Peace Exam for jail inmates to learn teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and to cleanse their consciousness and anger. Mandal , with association of many Gandhian institutes is organizing this event to reforming the quality of jail inmates and their living inside and afterwards.

This is one of the productive and creative steps by any organization to understand lives of these jail inmates. This year 452 inmates took this exam and over the years results are satisfactory as it invokes sense of repent and importance of truth and non violence in jail inmates lives.

Laxman Gole, convicted for many crimes in 2005, has been spreading messages and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi amongst different jail prisoners with the help of Sarvoday Mandal. This exam consists 80 multiple choice questions with 80 marks and passing the exam prisoners get a certificate and Khadi cloths as a encouragement prize.

Under this program, Mahatma Gandhi’s written books are available for prisoners at free of cost to enlighten their inner soul so after being freed they can live a positive life.

These sorts of programs can have a long lasting impression on the prisoner’s lifestyle and thinking process which needs to be spread in all jails across the country to ignite new hopes and to make society more livable with dignity and right values. Remember these prisoners are our embed part of society who will work in the society after their reinsertion in mainstream life. By guiding them through light we are making them viable economic support to the society. Leaving their old life and becoming a potential economic hold for India’s growth.

Sudha ram joshi.

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