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Smart City Project in India !

For a development we need a framework where we can align our developmental lines and to make it happen India has come up with a new project “Smart Cities”. Smart City Project is a new theme song for the chorus of developmental melody of India’s economical independency and growth. When we talk about growth and development first thing we come across is providing such services which make an economy self driven and provides ample opportunities to potential talent of country. India is an emerging economy, realizing new changes and chances to explore growth in all the dimensions.



Since World is moving so fast, at some points India is still finding its starting gear to get on and Smart City Project is one of them to accelerate country in new horizons. When we talk about India where we still fighting against unemployment, illiteracy, sanitation, infrastructural and technical constraints, economical independency, manufacturing liabilities etc, it’s a biggest task to accomplish where we can enable our cities with all sort of facilities and services. Government can start up many projects but to implement them to the last man of the society is actually a long journey. India has put forward its step in becoming a developed nation from developing nation though many ways, visions, policies and projects and to make it viable Smart City Project has been launched by Government of India.

What is Smart City Project?

Smart City Project is one of the ambitious projects of PM Narendra Modi. Under the umbrella of this project government will work vigorously in making cities more livable and inclusive, embellished with all basic amenities and services to ensure urban development by addressing deficiencies in infrastructure for making better living conditions.

In this project, government has selected 98 cities out of 100 projected to make them “Smart City” by providing 100Crore aid from central government for multiple developmental tasks during the spam of 5 years. Complete reserve would be 50,000Crore for these 100 cities. Two cities are pending till date. Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu has annouced these 98 cities on 27th August 2015.

Every state has at least four such cities where Smart City Project will be implemented. These cities have been selected through a “City Challenge Competition” conducted by Urban Development Ministry who is a governing body of entire project. Basic work and services which will come under this giant project are good governance, e-governance, public participation, education, public transport, affordable housing, sanitation and waste management, health, environment, safety, water and electricity supply, digitization and availing all the schemes run by government to the every citizen.

Now on the grass root level, we need to identify the hurdles for this ambitious project of government. Announcing schemes and projects is far easy than to realizing its reality. For achieving the predetermined objective of each and every city, administration needs to be more alert, accurate, effective and corruption free. Smart City Project is one new born of this government which will grow under the wings of government and public participation. As per the reality, project has started to shape itself as realtors seem more interested to invest in the announced smart cities as land and property boom will be higher in these cities. Confederation of Real Estate Developers’’ Association of India (CREDAI) showed their keen interest to become the part of this mission as an involvement of private sector which clearly indicates as this project is definitely more real than to written scribes. “It is a good initiative by the government but this should be followed through aggressively so that the implementation of Smart Cities becomes a reality. Private sector should be roped in to realize this mission in whatever way possible,” CREDAI President Getamber Anand said. This project will also increase employment as new projects will be executed.

Many organizations and property consultants are positive as it will bring a boom in the chosen cities. It is too early to say as project is doing well as it’s just a start but the waves are quite positive as project will not be an exaggeration of government. Many leading newspapers and experts are quiet optimistic for the particular. Hopes cannot be denied as changes are started to flaring up.

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