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Sleeping Posture Effects Your Brain !

The recent study published in the journal of neuroscience discloses that side sleeping posture as comparison to back or stomach posture may help to dispose off the waste of brain which aid to avoid the neurological brain diseases.

The adequate sleeping is always recommended for good health and brain. But now the recent research proves for healthy brain along with sleeping hours the posture of sleeping is also significant. Your sleeping posture will determine the health of your mind in future.

Dr Helene Benveniste M.D., Ph.D., who is the lead investigator of this research and professor of anesthesiology and radiology at Stony Brook University School of medicine, said that our brain is the most active part of our body. During the whole day process it accumulates wastes in form of amyloid and tau proteins which negatively affects it. That’s its must to remove these wastes from brain to protect the brain from Alzheimer’s and other brain’s diseases.

The brain’s glymphatic pathway works to dispose off the brains waste and especially work efficiently while sleeping. Dr. Helene and his colleagues’ in the paper” The Effects of Body Postures on Brains Glymphatic Transport,” used dynamic contrast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to figure out the bran’s complex glymphatic system. They used three sleeping posture of body that’s – side, up, and down.

The Brain’s glymphatic pathway is influenced with arousal level. As comparison to wakeful situation, the brain’s interstitial space level is enlarged at sleeping condition. And this aid to fast remove of brain’s waste clutters accumulated during the working day.

The Human beings and animals use different position to sleep. The new research study shows not only arousal level but the sleeping posture also influence the cerebrospinal fluid – interstitial fluid exchange rate. The researchers to quantify the CSF–ISN exchange rate used rodent’s brain models in three positions’ that’s lateral (side), Prone (face down) and supine (face up) and concluded the lateral position is the best one to dispose of the brain’s waste.

Their research discovered that instead of ups or down sleeping position with the side sleeping position the brain’s glymphatic pathway works 25 percent more effectively to remove the waste from brain. And this will aid to keep the brain healthy.

That’s our sleeping postures are now more then the comfort zone and likely to determine the future health of the brain. With correct posture we can protect our brain, which is the most integral organ of the body, from damage.


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