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Schools against substance abuse

Bobby Chakraborty, a middle-aged good-looking man from Kolkata, follows his heart’s desire to bring a change in the social well-being of others. He is engaged in working among school children, by educating them on the harmful effects of substance abuse and helping them in getting rid of ill-habits of smoking and alcohol. He single-handedly continues to make an impact on people, mostly school children, with his determined efforts against addictive substances.

The start of anti-addiction drive

Gaining inspiration from personal experiences, Bobby was an active member of the anti-addiction drive during his years in school. Later, when he did his graduation in engineering, he was keen in finding time for his passion, and it followed during his employment in Merchant Navy. Once he moved to the entertainment industry in 2002, he decided to make his efforts stronger in an anti-addiction campaign.

Starting by then, he has been visiting schools, giving presentations, and empowering students to have a great life ahead. In his words, ‘”The bottom line of my campaign is “I am the King of My Mind.”’ He does not focus on lecturing about the ill-effects of addiction. He would pose questions like why should one waste his parent’s hard earned money for taking poison and the kind.

Bobby’s impact on school children

By now, he has walked into many schools of Kolkata and communicated to thousands of students and goes on spreading his message. He has many success stories to share during his work over three years, and it surely continues to enrich and motivate him to do better things each day.

Bobby has helped young teens to come out the early habits of consuming alcohol. Even there are instances where he helped parents to get rid of smoking and alcoholism when students openly confessed to him about the bad habits of their parents during his presentations. Students continue to get inspired by him and wholeheartedly welcome his thoughts and message.

Moreover, he occasionally visits other corporate organisations, health centres and public meetings to promote his anti-addiction drive.

In future, he aims to broaden his regional borders and address students in other places too.

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