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Plastic – Not Everyone is on the Same Page

It is impossible to avoid any debate that involves plastic and plastic waste management. In a recent petition filed with the National Green Tribunal (NGT) an NGO wants that the use of plastic bottles as well as multi-layered plastic packaging should be phased out. Restriction in the use of plastic has been a raging debate and time and again the issue has cropped up in the form of legal petition filed with the NGT. However, there has been strong opposition from some of the stakeholders who are a core part of the plastic industry.Untitled

According to the NGOs and environmentalists, the use of PET (Polyethylene Terepthalate) bottles, multi-layered plastic packages and plastic bottles has a very damaging effect on the environment as well as human lives. On the other hand, AIPMA (All India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association) while clearing its stand on the issue has offered some vague and not-so-convincing statements.

AIPMA says that it is against any kind of ban on the use of plastic. The argument presented by the APEX body of the industry is that plastic is one commodity that is completely recyclable and when it comes to waste management, 80% of it gets recycled. However, this does not clear the air about the harmful effects of plastic on the human body. The toxic waste can give rise to several health complications, which is in no way acceptable. In another argument AIPMA representatives said that the ban on use of plastic will lead to loss of jobs and livelihood.

This is going to be a long fight for the NGOs and environmentalists who want to give a better and cleaner earth to the future generations.

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