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Paris Climate Summit, Will It Bring Any Change?

Preparatory Talks Before Paris Climate Summit, 2015: Will It Bring Any Change?

While the world is developing at a rate that has brought about a lot of changes, the one stark reality of the present scenario remains the same. What about the rate at which climate changes are taking place which are also being considered as the reason for all the natural calamities?

Stepping in the future of technology will be of no help when nature shows its fury. And for this reason, the UN is focusing on climate for a long time now. In lieu of the above problems, there is something crucial coming up in Paris from November 30 to 11 December 2015. This important thing is the UN Conference on Climate Change.

Before moving on to further facts and getting to know what is actually happening in regard of this summit, let us first get an idea of what will the Climate Summit be about. The summit will see the government of 190 nations and the main topic of the discussion would be the new global agreement on climate change.

New strategies and steps would be discussed to lower the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere so that the future threat would be avoided. Although, there have been summits on climate change before, all the commitments and clauses will exhaust in the year 2020 and this is the reason why the nations need to sit down and come at a general agreement on what happens after that.

The first preparatory talk was held on June 17!!

While it is very much important to save the world from the catastrophic event that might take place if the greenhouse gases continue to rise, how much change will this summit actually bring. This is one thing that only time will tell. But the UN had already had its first preparatory talk on June 17 which does show that this summit will see some innovative and brainstorming sessions.

The committee which was present at this talk reviewed all the past negotiations that need to be taken care of before the actual summit takes place. Moreover, the committee also looked in for the views from the civil society as they are going to be a crucial part of the whole process of the UN summit to be held in Paris.

There are many preparatory talks coming up and all of this will lead to the general consensus among the nations as to what steps are to be taken for improving the status of climate and greenhouse gas emissions around the World.

The venue of the summit has been decided and it is the Paris Le Bourget site. the first preparatory talk was hosted by Mr. Laurent Fabius. With such endeavours to make this summit a successful one, people are already waiting for the ultimate decision that will be taken at the Summit in Paris. After all, climate change can actually become the reason for the doom of the world if nothing is done.

Watch this video to know more about the preparatory talk and what happened there on June 17 :

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