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Now Mirror will Tell about Your Health !

Technology World! Always surprise us with their exceptional discoveries now also going to invent an outstanding health monitoring gadget. A Magical Mirror, which not only blow your reflection but also scan your face to predict the risk of health problems.


The “Wize Mirror” will be the world’s first mirror which will scan the facial impression to spot the sign of illness in just 60 seconds. The Wize mirror is developed by researcher and European Union Funding. The researcher’s belief this upcoming high tech gadget will offer users an excellent tool to monitor their health daily.


The Wize Mirror will be like other mirrors in appearance but will be unique for their highly advanced 3D scanner which is inclusive with gas scanner and facial detection technology. The goal of this high tech mirror is the health assessment of user’s just by evaluating the facial features.


That’s when you will gaze into the Wize mirror its 3D high technology will scan your face to spot the signs of bug. It will monitor change in fatty tissue content, skin color, and depression symptoms with facial impressions. Moreover its gas sensor will scan the breath to measure the drinking and smoking habits and multi-spectral camera will quantify the heart rate and hemoglobin levels.


The main purpose of the Wize mirror is to throw out the cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, which are the main cause of high death-rate as per WHO, from its initial stage. This high tech mirror will offer user’s an update status of their health in form of numerical reads daily. Instead mirror will also provide health linked valuable tips as per the scanning scores.


The reason of the bad health may be anything but the one outstanding way to beat the health bugs is to banish the root in the initial stage. And hopefully the new technology mirror will aid to beat the bug in early stage.


This new technology powerful gadget is still on development stages but from the next year the researchers will start mirror clinical trials in Italy and France. This health monitoring mirror soon will make our home a health care hood.


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