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Government To Implement Framework For Disaster Risk Reduction

While there is no way to actually stop the natural disasters that happen in the vulnerable areas around the world, precautions can be taken for the same. Disaster management is one of the most neglected topic in many parts of the world, especially India. But, with so many natural disasters that have already shook the country that took place in the past couple of years, India has finally taken cue and come to the forefront to take care of the situation.

When it comes to disaster management, prevention is not possible, so the one thing that we do have in our hands is precaution and reduction. In order to go ahead and ensure India, the safety they deserve, the Indian government has decided to implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 – 2030.

There have been three world conferences for adopting the most appropriate framework for the disaster risk management. All the conferences took place in Japan and the third one was held in 2015 in Sendai.

The aim of the Sendai framework was to adopt the required measures and ensure that it is implemented properly throughout the world. When the clasues mentioned in the framework are adopted properly and imposed correctly, then only we can hope for a better and safe India.

Many workshops have been held to improve awareness on the topic in Delhi. You can easily learn more about the framework through these workshops.

Let us know more about the targets and the ground rules which the framework will be focusing on:

  • The framework will look into measures that have been proved to be of worth in order to reduce the vulnerability of the disaster.
  • The main focus of the program would be to increase preparedness towards all kinds of natural disasters. Better ways would be adopted in which relief could be provided to the victims and on an immediate basis.
  • It will take in from the methods and measures of the international and strategies of the nations who are already well prepared for facing any kind of adversity.
  • People would be educated and provided a better exposure in order to decrease the loss caused by the disasters.

This disaster risk reduction hopefully reduces the level of grief and loss that strikes India after any such unfortunate incident.

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