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Schools and Buildings run in solar energy can it make a difference?

Use of solar power as an alternative energy is gaining momentum all over the world. This is mainly because it is absolutely safe and does not yield any waste material that is hazardous for atmosphere, unlike nuclear energy. More and more buildings, including colleges, residential complexes, schools, offices are now being solar powered, and this trend is now quite evident in India as well.

Over the last few years, there have been a formidable shift in the policy of the State and the Central Governments, regarding the generation and the use of solar energy, and governments are now making substantial investment in this sector. The effect of this policy shift has become quite evident in bits and patches all over India, if not in a more consolidated way. In fact, Indian states like Haryana has made use of solar power compulsory in all buildings – both residential as well as commercial, including private guest houses and bungalows, group housing societies, commercial and residential apartments, offices, commercial complexes, schools and colleges, hospitals and clinics and the likes.

There are some schools in India, which have already switched over to solar power, and more are to follow in the days ahead. So the future looks very promising, especially with more government aid coming.

There are a number of benefits of suing solar energy, and it is good to see that a developing country like India is finally putting a lot of emphasis on this form of alternative energy.

  • First of all, solar power is clean and unlimited. The only waste that it generates is steam that emits from the water and oil, which is absolutely safe and does not cause any greenhouse effect on the environment. Thus, this form of energy will play a pivotal role in negating the effect of global warming.
  • Understandably, this form of energy is readily available, produce enough power, so much so that it can be stored and used at night. This means, it lessens the use of any other power during the night, by a substantial extent.
  • Most importantly, it has got a wide range of use, and this will decrease our dependency on crude oil by a considerable extent.

In developing countries like India, solar power holds tremendous potential and advantage. In countries like India, this energy helps to reduce the use of conventional fuels like kerosene and diesel or petrol for domestic purposes, especially in the rural areas. This will not only help channelize the use of these conventional energy forms in proper and more economically feasible way, but will reduce health hazards and risks, as they can only cause outbreak of major fires, if not handled properly, but will also cause health hazards, thanks to the poisonous fumes these fuels emit.

Hence, solar power is not just a technology for the most developed and the most energy-starved nationals, but virtually for everyone in this planet. Experts are the opinion that at the present rate, India will be amongst the top most users of solar energy in the world, by the end of the current decade.

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