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There are many Technologies that have been changing our market but here are few in todays article  that I find that have entered the peak of innovative products :

A Light Bulb which is also a Bluetooth Speaker :


Have you ever imagined that this could ever be possible? I never did.

But it’s reality now. Sony’s new LED bulb with an integrated Bluetooth speaker is the Light bulb I am talking about. Fascinating ha!

It is a 360-lumen bulb which is coupled with Bluetooth speaker to which you can connect with your mobile or audio devices.With its specially designed app on Android/iOS, you can either dim the light or change the volume. If you don’t want to download an app, you can use a remote control paired with Near Field Communication or NFC.

How does the information sound? Does is make you get up and find more information on it ?
then here is the link – http://inhabitat.com/sonys-led-bulb-doubles-as-a-bluetooth-speaker/

The Sony LSPX-100E26J is easy to fit in corers of wall, cupboard or your dining room. It is now available in Japan and soon will be in India. The LSPX-100E26J initially debuted in Japan on May 23 for $199.


Google’s new Chromebit dongle will transform your TV into a PC


The Google Chromebit, made by Asus, turns any TV with an HDMI jack into a full-fledged Chrome OS PC – and it costs just $100 (about £70, AU$130).

The Chromebit comes in blue, silver and orange, and it swivels to fit in any HDMI port.

It is small, easily sleeked inn pockets, functional, easy to operate. It offers all of the necessities you’d expect from a computer or notebook.

It makes our life a whole lot easier and if you too feel the same then here is the link for further details :


    Andrea Air Purifier :


If you want to keep your house fresh, even without any outside help you have perfect tech for it. Andrea is essentially a living air filter that continuously cleans air in your house and also removes pollutants.

It works like this once you’ve got a living plant growing happily inside the chamber, just switch it on and a small fan will draw in air from the top. One fan blows breezes around the leaves, while a second fan sucks the air down through the soil.

It is more than 1,000 percent more effective at purifying air than a normal houseplant.

If you also do find this Green Technology worth the hype then here is the link for further details:


Author : Pratik RC, writes blogs on “sarcasticweirdo” on blogspot. I am also a content writer and can do data entry work too. Also a pharma graduate.

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