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Tesla Powerwall – India’s Saviour ?

Tesla-Wall-Battery-SpecsIn recent years, the fast-growing popularity of solar panels has intensified a central challenge: how to use the sun’s energy when it isn’t shining. Now, Tesla Motors, the maker of luxury electric sedans is taking a big step toward meeting that challenge with a fleet of battery systems aimed at homeowners, businesses and utilities. Home solar installations prove to be a great benefit for the upcoming generation in India. According to human needs, they can’t survive without electricity. As we all know electricity is generated from hydraulic turbines and a large amount is spent on it and we also need huge work capital. Sun is a renewable source of energy and by its use we can develop affordable, inexhaustible and clean energy technologies which will have huge longer term benefits. Now days, various techniques are used to track the sun and generate energy from it. Advanced science and technologies helps us to do it more effectively and efficiently. Household electricity consumption is around 10 kW or more….. By placing all the things required. As India’s population is 1.252 billion a large amount of electricity is needed. Here power wall will act as a remedy for the cause by which we can emit energy with low cost and saving our resources which will be really helpful.

Since India is well-bestowed with solar insolation, commercial solar panel efficiency ranges between 19% and 22%. Given the requirement of 15 kWh/day energy, a 3 KW solar plant should suffice the requirements of the household. The table below shows that the LCoE for a solar plant before the battery storage cost comes to ~Rs.5/kWh. Average expected life of a solar plant is at least 20–25 years. This can go up to 30 years at times. If we consider the Tesla Powerwall Battery pack as the storage solution, the LCoE comes to ~Rs.8/kWh (Lead acid battery storage solutions will be cheaper).

This process includes of three steps- Firstly the solar panel will be installed in an array on your roof. Secondly the Home Battery Powerwall will be placed which will store surplus electricity produced by the solar panel. That will stop the wastage of electricity. Thirdly there will be an inverter which will convert the electricity stored in the Powerwall into alternating current that is used by us at home.

The Powerwall by Telsa is the best thing that just needs one time installing and you will be awarded electricity for a long time. This makes it cheaper than other means of electricity. Mostly Indians are fed up of power cuts and this product will take off the power cut forever. The Powerwall is safe to use in any type home or official use.

Considering India’s quest of energy self-sufficiency, India should back technologies over fuels even if it entails incentivizing creation of long-term domestic energy assets, as these will facilitate the re-engineering of the transfer of domestic wealth within India, rather than its transfer outside India to the oil-producing nations.


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Kishan Singh, Writer & Editor., a graduate from Punjab University.

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