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Rural Healthcare in India !

According to World Bank, rural population of India comprises of around 68.7% of the total population in 2011. This makes sense why healthcare is an important constituent in the constitution and rural health care is accorded a higher priority. For development of rural healthcare and the health system, Government has taken up various policies the latest of which has been amended, drafted, and circulated for public opinion in 2015.

The main issues that are faced by rural India in terms of health care are malnutrition, lack of proper professionals, problem in sanitation and lack of knowledge among the rural people. Although Government of India has started various programs that would spread awareness about sanitation and proper drinking water among the villagers. The efficacy of this program has not yet been verified. Rural people still do not understand the importance of sanitation in their life. Hence, more vigorous plans are to be executed in near future so that people may understand and follow that.

Another problem with the rural healthcare is that most of the medical professionals are located at urban centers and there are actually lacks of them in rural India. This problem has also been addressed and would be gradually taken care of. The healthcare system in rural India follows three tier systems that comprises of sub-centers, primary healthcare centers, and community health care centers. Through these Government of India is enhancing their reach to the rural population.

Another scheme that has enrolled most of rural India for providing better medical facilities is Rashtriya Swasthya Bhima Yojana. It enrolls the population below poverty line under insurance by Government through which they can get treatment in various private and public sector units. This has provided aid to many needed families in rural India.

The total expenditure on healthcare has been increased from 0.94 per cent of GDP in the 10th plan to 1.04 per cent in 11th plan. Government of India further plans to enhance it more in the 12th plan. Apart from concentration has been given to increase the importance of clean drinking water and proper sanitation to control various diseases.


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