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The ERA OF SCARCITY:Water, is the true elixir of life. Life started with it, life flourished with it and it will flourish with it. Such Resource it is. But with over 7.2 billion world population using several billion tons of water everyday, it may also soon become the most scarce resource in the near future.

The 2015 edition of the United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR 2015), titled Water for a Sustainable World says that India, China, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh alone account for half the world’s total groundwater use.

Water scarcity around the world has become so intense, due to uneven distribution, pollution, wastage, massive urbanization and industrialization, climatic change, depletion of natural resources and unsustainable management. Having said that, we are now compelled to desalinate salt water into drinking water.

Most of the current desalination plants are energy-intensive and thus many Countries are currently focusing on using eco-friendly energy source for this purpose.The new and innovative approach is using solar energy to desalinate and distill salt water into potable water. It is one of the best sustainable green energy.

Middle East has been on the forefront of such initiatives. It is said that the UAE would soon establish world’s largest solar-powered desalination plant. In this line, An Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti has developed ‘Eliodomestico’, a solar-powered water distiller. An UK-based company, Desolenator has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to turn saltwater into drinking water by using solar energy. An industrial designer Jon Liow has developed the Waterdome, a floating desalination unit which also uses solar power to desalinate sea water. Many such approaches are carried out worldwide.

According to a World Bank report, only 15% of India’s population have access to water fit for consumption purposes. Most of its people cannot afford expensive means of water source or purification method. Government’s National Solar mission and various other initiatives like solar thermal desalination plant, are definitely laudable. But yet, many such projects and technologies are still in nascent stage and it is time for India to fully utilize these sustainable resources taking advantage of its geographical position in the tropical zone and vast coastline.

Better policy decisions, improved management, creating awareness, individual participation can save both India and the world from chronic scarcity. Every bit of untapped Solar energy and every drop of wasted water if utilized and used  wisely can do wonders for the humanity and help it lead a better and dignified life not just for the present generation but also for the one to come .

The following video will show us the importance of water :

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Priyadharshini , Freelancer & Academic writer who loves Nature and its beauty , she is a Post graduate and is currently pursuing Human Rights programme who believes even Nature has its rights to stay pollution free.

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