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Pulpop MP3 Speaker !

Pulpop Speakers

Awareness about eco-friendly products is very important if we intend to see a positive change in the environment. These products takes care of our modern day needs yet keep us attached to the core of nature. One such modern eco-friendly item is Pulpop MP3 Speaker that is made up of Paper pulp and functions like any other branded speaker. It is an exceptional concept and even though it functions like any other speaker it looks similar to a donut. It is among the very few speakers available for the green consumers, being made up of recycled paper pulp. It livens up your room with its unique shape and attractive features.

The sound produced by this speaker is amplified inside the hollow space. It is believed that sound does not travel through paper properly and this is where Wu and Chin Wang had taken care while designing this product. The shape is so designed that a hollow loop shape makes out enough surface area for dispensing the sound easily and effectively.  The recycled paper quality is used as a filter.

For feeding the sound from the digital music player, there is Pulpop’s 3.5mm input jack.  After being fed, this speaker can produce mono output of about 5 watts RMS. Users would even get a charging jack for recharging this eco-friendly speaker.

This green audio sharing speaker is not only a solution for music lovers, but for the nature lovers too. The dimension of the speaker is 259 x 294 x 60 mm (10.2 x 11.6 x 2.4-inches), and portability will never really be an issue. There is risk of denting or damaging the paper donut if it is stuffed inside the backpacks.

This USB rechargeable MP3 Speaker is a perfect example that shows that even garbage can resonate your favorite tunes.

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