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Eliodomestico – Solar Powered Water Filter

 We all know that potable or drinking water is increasingly hard to come by these days. In Indian cities most households pay for water cans that are delivered to the house or office on payment. But what about in rural and coastal parts of the country where such services are not available and the poor find it difficult to access clean drinking water. There are people in many parts of India who are deprived of fresh, hygienic and clean water while in some other parts they have to travel a long way to fetch fresh water from wells and other resources. Thus considering these problems Eliodomestico will definitely prove to be a good item for rural India.

Addressing this problem globally developing countries, an Italian designer, Gabriele Diamanti has come out with an innovative product:

Eliodomestico – A Solar Powered Water Filter:

The Eliodomestico distiller is made using recycled plastic, terracotta and anodized zinc. Besides being pocket friendly this water distiller is apt for household use and requires little maintenance and can convert salt water into drinking water.

Design and Working:

Eliodomestico works like an upside down coffee percolator where water is boiled with the help of solar energy. This eco friendly product does not need any electricity or filter and is capable of purifying around 5 liters of water each day.

The design of Eliodomestico is very simple and convenient. It has 2 pieces crafted out of ceramic that are placed one atop another. A black container having the unpurified water is placed inside the piece on the top. Using the solar energy water is heated and turned into steam and once there is pressure, the steam moves into the lower container through a tube. The collected steam in the lower container gets condensed against the lid and then it finally gets collected in the basin. This lower basin can then be transported where needed. It can also be conveniently carried on the head even.



For Further Information Visit:  http://www.gabrielediamanti.com/projects/eliodomestico/

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