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Environment Maintenance in the UK

Environment Maintenance in the UK

Britian (UK) is one of the best in maintaining its environment among others countries around the world. The British government has a special department termed as “Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs “ which works with the local municipalities, nationally and internationally to improve the overall environment of the U.K. According to U.K government research; Air pollution, noise from traffic or neighbours and waste on the streets can affect people’s quality of life. Things like litter and graffiti, left unchecked, can build up and can have a negative effect on people mentally which can lead to further anti-social behaviour by unemployed youth and more serious crimes. Therefore, the british government is serious about keeping their streets and neighbourhoods clean.

The British government is further obligated to fulfil the EU standards for the environment and has enforced environmental regulations for municipalities and industries. This is monitored by the Environmental Agency who send personnel for regular checks, and if not complied, have the power to prosecute and fine.

The by-product of the effort taken by British Government has led the British politicians to create ideas to control pollution in order to maintain environment in the UK. They have introduced and implemented a charge to reduce the usage of plastic bags.This encourages reuse and recycling of plastic bags, and avoids unnecessary damage to the environment .UK Government is aware of the fact that maintaining the environment will keep the land from getting contaminated.

The UK Government encourages and supports organisations that help conserve biodiversity and ecosystems. It passes Bills and legislation to promote good environment and to prevent pollution. They plan and make strategies for biodiversity. It sets goals for the natural environment in the UK in The Natural Environment White Paper (2011) and implements them. They publish  regular updates on their progress on environment maintenance and also help other countries to preserve their biodiversity by offering funds and shared expertise. Most simply put, they come up with a good plan and implement it.

About the Author
Ponmani Mayalagu has completed MBA from the Northampton Business School, UK. She has experience in sales and marketing and likes to research on a variety of topics. Her exposure to the UK environment during her stay between 2010-2012 has helped her to contribute this article.

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