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Curing Conditioner – The Natural Way

A natural, curing conditioner for the hair

Pollution today affects our bodies, including our hair. Continuous exposure causes damage to our hair which then looks dry, dull and frizzy with split ends. There are many long-term remedies to treat our hair, but what we really look for is a quick-fix which doesn’t have any adverse side-effects, right? Well, I’ve got a simple solution to dry, dull, frizzy hair. A mixture which has done wonders to my hair: a curd and banana hair pack! Yes, you read that right – I’m talking about a curd and banana mixture.

Steps for preparing a homemade, natural, curing conditioner:

  1. Take thick curd (if it’s homemade curd, you need to remove the whey – water – from it) in a bowl.
  2. Mash together, one or two very ripe long bananas.
  3. Mix the bananas with the curd, to make a smooth mixture.
  4. Apply this mixture generously onto your hair.
  5. Make sure the scalp and all the strands of hair is coated.
  6. Tie your hair.
  7. After about 30-60 minutes, depending on the length of your hair and the level of dryness, water will start dripping continuously from your hair.
  8. At this moment, you can rinse out the mixture from your hair, and also shampoo your hair, if you wish.
  9. Do not apply shampoo more than twice, at this time.
  10. Dry your hair with a towel – do not use a blow dryer.

Note: It can be quite difficult to remove all the tiny bits of banana, completely from your hair, but do not worry – when your hair dries up, the bits of banana can be easily removed by combing your hair.

The results of applying this mixture can be seen after 3 – 4 hours after washing the hair. If you feel the bananas make the process messy, you could apply only the curd. That works nearly as well. My personal recommendation, from repeated usage and experience, would be to go with the whole banana and curd mixture. This is the best quick-fix solution if you have a party to attend in the evening, and are having a bad hair day. You can try this mixture at least once a week to keep your hair soft and smooth, all the time.

If you’ve tried out this mixture, or have experience with other such natural curing conditioners, do let us know your experience in the comments below.

About the Author

Smitha Daniel completed her Masters degree in Zoology, and had a stint with the Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad. After managing an International wildlife project, while at the Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (in association with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore), she is currently studying the behaviour and ecology of the Loris lydekkerianus malabaricus, the Malabar Slender Loris, in the jungles of North-Eastern Kerala.

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