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WMC – Who makes carpets from waste?

By Anchal Bhatia

Normally, when pasta, plastic forks, paving tiles, cotton balls, and more is spreading across the floor, it’s time to call the domestic help. But, the trio of Dutch artists – Marcia Nolte, Bob Waardenburg, and Stijin van der Vleuten at WE MAKE CARPETS think differently. Instead of calling it a waste, they make carpets. Surprised? Well, they make temporary arrangements that look like carpets from a distance. On closer inspection, you realize it is actually a decorative piece made out of discarded objects, and not fabric. So, they are only for the sake of artistic expression, and won’t be kind if you walk over it!

The team of WE MAKE CARPETS perfectly blends the centuries old medium-the weaving method into a contemporary interpretation reflecting the 21st century. Inspired by the shape, color, and, the possibilities of the waste materials, they create decorative art pieces that not only look stunning but also minimize the usage of valuable resources. Depending on the size, on an average it takes about 2-6 days for the group to create one carpet.

Till now, they have fabricated many unusual decorative carpets like the bottle carpet, pasta carpet, band-aid carpet, pin carpet, paperclip carpet, fork carpet, and button carpet to name a few. As it is difficult to preserve such a piece of art, mostly the carpets are not for sale. However, most of their artwork have been a part of top exhibitions and commissioned by many top organizations.

We do not know what’s next on their project, maybe a carpet of living objects or fireworks, but for sure they have an eye for unusual objects. While most of us may consider discarded objects as trash, converting it into something so unique and exquisite is quite a talent!



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