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MITTICOOL – The clay refrigerator

By Chandrika R

An earth refrigerator, a new invention by a simple villager. Mitticool, as it is called, is an out of the box worthy innovation by a Gujarati from Wankener village. Traditionally a potter by birth, Mansukhbhai Prajapati achieved a unique milestone by designing a refrigerator made out of clay that works without electricity. The Mitticool refrigerator is a really cool replacement to the modern so called “energy efficient” refrigerators and for this the potter turned inventor has won several accolades such as the 2011 Villgro Grassroots Innovator Award of IIT- Madras.

Mitticool serves the purpose of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for almost up to a week. Mitti or clay is a naturally coolant and this property of clay has been used well to make a  natural refrigerator. In this device water is poured into a chamber from the top which percolates downwards between the 2 layered walls. During this process the water evaporates by convection and keeps the storage chambers cool.

Mansukhbhai’s genius was sparked by his wife’s demand for a non stick pan that he couldn’t afford. Being a tile maker of terracotta, he came up with many products and started a tiny factory that made terracotta home equipments. Since the factory was started by taking a loan, he ran into some trouble. Thankfully to his rescue, came the Vice-Chairman of National Innovation Foundation, Anil Gupta who gave the needed monetary support for his loan repayment. This allowed him to continue running his terracotta factory.

Mansukhbhai also owns a patent for this Mitticool refrigerator.  Some of his other products that he came up after years of experimentation are, a 0.9-micron water filter, a pressure cooker, non stick pans that can be used over an LPG gas stove and many more. Now his dream is to design a ‘Mitticool House’ that would stay naturally cool all by itself, there would be no need for Air Conditioners anymore.

You can view his products and get more information at his website; http://www.mitticool.in/index.php












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